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Raise your hand if your toddler keeps you company EVERYWHERE!

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Nothing entirely wrong, I just wonder when I would ever find me-time again.

I remember standing by the door while my cousin fits a dress she fancies, and her 4-year old son says "Why is your tummy jiggly, Mommy?" And women in all the stalls chuckled.

The honesty shot at her self esteem, and if Momma's aren't careful, it could really be damaging. (Disclaimer: My cousin got out of the fitting room laughing, emotionally unscathed>)

It gets to us, doesn't it?

But look a few years ahead and picture this: you've got teenagers who prefer the company of peers. You'll most likely miss their company. So enjoy their lovely clingy nature while they're still at it!

Oh, and you can go back to our Parenting Hack #1: View the world with a healthy dose of humor!

Live. Laugh. Love. Pee quickly.

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